You can forget about servicing your car.

But we won’t. PitStop helps you save time and money by keeping track of what and when to service on your vehicle so it runs smoothly and efficiently.

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How does it work?

Who are we making this for?

TL;DR; People who lack the time to stay on top of servicing their cars, bikes, or bicycles.

We’re making PitStop for people who want to keep their vehicles in top condition and prevent breakdowns but are put off by the hassle of finding and keeping tabs on what their vehicle needs.

Whether you are a busy mom or a classic car afficionado, our service can help you save time and money, two things you could always have more of.

You don't need to know any technical lingo, all that matters is your vehicle’s mileage and things that you want PitStop to remind you about when the time is due.

If you like to do things yourself, we welcome you to put as much detail into your logs and sevices as you can. It’ll help you build a healthy vehicle profile.

We’re launching a private beta

Help us test the early releases and shape the service before we launch. PitStop is completely free for the duration of the beta.

Join our beta list Free beta launching Q2 2018